Metallic Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City

Metallic Epoxy Floors are the new thing in the market that everyone is loving these days. Be it at home or in your office. Be it in a factory or a hospital. You can get our unique and beautiful floors installed anywhere you like. And trust us when we say that people would want to talk about how good it looks.

Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City have come up with a solid epoxy flooring system that comprises of metallic pigments and glitter-like particles. These when installed give each floor a unique design that is different from other metallic epoxy floors. How cool is that!

The metallic and glitter-like particles that are a part of the epoxy mixture give the floors a reflective look that is pleasing to the eyes. It gives the illusion of a three-dimensional effect across your floor. The procedure is multiple layered one where top quality resources are used to give you what you desired. Our professionals are trained fully in their fields and are accompanied with the best technology available in the market to give your old and boring floors a new life, which will surely turn your old space into a new one.

Metallic Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City

Metallic Epoxy Floors Oklahoma City is tough and durable that means that you don’t have to worry about it losing its shine or losing its initial sparkly touch. This flooring system has a long lifespan making it an investment that you can’t say no to. The floors can resist cracks and chips from heavy machinery or foot traffic. The metallic floors are also resistant to stains of petrol, grease, oil, harsh chemicals, bleach, etc. You do not have to worry about stains as anything that spills can be easily wiped off without using any harsh chemical solvents.  This makes them the best choice for commercial as well as residential areas, including garages, where there’s always a threat of oil stains.

The metallic epoxy is also unaffected by bacteria and germs making it safe to be used in hospitals and other healthcare instituters. This is also a great alternative for the regular floors of restaurants, industrial kitchens, motels and hotels as it’s easy to maintain. You are free of the hassle because of the anti-staining property and can clean any spill with a mop.

The flooring system is so smooth and without any harsh lines that it might give the impression of being too slippery and dangerous. But that is not the case. You do not need to worry about the floor being slippery as the metal particles that are added in the flooring create a friction of its own, which makes these floor a good alternate in your homes and daycare centers as well, without the worry of kids slipping.

Our metallic epoxy floors are available in a variety of shades and designs that can make them look like natural stones. You can even get certain floors to look like colored glass and it would be great walking on them. Pick up your phone and order now!

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